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  • Email - is our preferred means of contact.  We’re busy people!  We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.
  • SMS/text - send us a short message any time on +64 2116 55 33 5.
  • Phone - call us on +64 2116 55 33 5 during NZ daylight hours, any day.  From Europe, please call early or late in your day.  From the Americas, call around or after your lunchtime, please.
  • Videoconference - we use services such as Meet, Teams, Zoom and Skype. Please email us to schedule a mutually convenient service and time.
  • We deliver our services in the same efficient, eco-friendly and cost-effective manner as we have for the past two decades - remotely, from our office in beautiful Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, so that’s where you can normally reach us.
  • Save the planet, save time and save money with IsecT!
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