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Environmental policy

New Zealand’s special environmental, social and cultural qualities are central to IsecT Ltd., being significant factors in our decision to live and work here. We openly embrace our environmental, social and cultural responsibilities and operate the company as far as possible in a sustainable, eco-friendly and socially-responsible manner to minimize our impact on the natural and social environment. This policy is an integral part of our business strategy and operating methods.


Our policy is to:

  • Minimise unnecessary travel, where appropriate using electronic communications in preference to on-site work with our clients;
  • Minimise both energy and water consumption in our buildings, vehicles and processes in order to conserve supplies and minimise consumption of natural resources, especially non-renewable resources;
  • Reduce office waste at source (e.g. by not printing things unless we really need to, and delivering documents etc. electronically) and reuse or recycle as much of it as possible, disposing of any unavoidable waste safely and responsibly;
  • Monitor and where necessary improve the level of air, water, noise and light pollution from our premises, aiming to minimise the environmental impacts of our operations;
  • Routinely turn off PC monitors, chargers, printers etc. when not in use;
  • Purchase low-wattage energy-efficient lamps, electronic equipment with a low-power ‘sleep’ mode, and similar eco-friendly products and services where practicable;
  • Grow much of our food on the premises, naturally and organically, with minimal use of artificial chemicals such as fertilisers and pesticides;
  • Ensure that our employees understand and comply with this policy;
  • Encourage our business partners, clients and other organizations to adopt similar policies.


Here are some of the environmentally-conscious things we are doing or have done:

  • Introduced our virtual consulting services, in other words working from our office rather than on client sites, using email, telephone and online collaboration tools;
  • Planted numerous trees and other plants to offset our carbon use, including a substantial vegetable plot;
  • Built a large multi-bin compost system to recycle green waste on-site;
  • Replaced an inefficient old fire with the most efficient wood burner we could find, powered by windfall wood harvested from the forest around us, dried and stored in a large wood shed built for the purpose;
  • Manufactured a catalytic unit to make the wood burner even more efficient, recycling the small amount of wood ash produced;
  • Re-modelled rooms to increase air flow, using fans and natural ventilation rather than air conditioners;
  • Insulated external walls with fiberglass wadding;
  • Reduced our use of packaging materials, recycling them wherever possible;
  • Purchased an additional freezer to store home-kill lamb and pork;
  • Shredded and recycled paper waste on-site, using it as bedding for the animals and eventually composting the waste.


During the years ahead, we will continue monitoring and, where possible, improving our environmental performance, for example we plan to:

  • Increase planting, composting and recycling to reduce our carbon footprint further;
  • Further minimise business travel by combining trips where feasible;
  • Re-glaze the building with a high-tech sealed and coated double-glazing system that will keep us toasty warm in the NZ winters, with bi-fold doors to increase air flow for summer cooling;
  • Install an evacuated-tube high-efficiency solar energy water heating system;
  • Minimize our use of chemical drenches for the animals.


We chose a green background for this website as a sign of our commitment to the environment and encourage other environmentally-responsible organizations to follow suit. Help spread the word - go green!

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