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IT Audit FAQ

Metrics FAQ


Contact us

To get in touch, please email us at:

info at isect dot com

or telephone +64 6874 3344
during New Zealand office hours (12 or 13 hours ahead of UTC)

If you must, write to us at the office:

IsecT Ltd, Castle Peak, 1262 Taihape Road, RD9 Hastings 4179, New Zealand

but please respect our environmental policy: email uses less carbon than the post!

Your privacy

IsecT Ltd. is a reputable company and clearly information security
is our core business. We comply with applicable privacy laws.
We abhor spam! We will keep confidential your email address
and any other sensitive information you supply to us, including
details of consulting/audit assignments and even the names of our customers, unless they give us express permission to disclose.
For further information, please read our privacy policy.

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