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About IsecT Ltd.

IsecT (“security in IT”) is an independent New Zealand-based consultancy specialising in IT governance, information security and IT audit. Our core strengths lie in the management of information security both to minimise IT risks and maximise business value. The consulting page lays out our wares.IsecT 's corporate logo

We are a virtual company comprising a small core staff linked to a dynamic network of independent associates and partner companies. This loose corporate structure gives us the flexibility to respond appropriately to client projects according to their requirements without the overheads and inertia associated with carrying a large permanent staff. Whilst we are fiercely independent, we are willing to enter into cooperative partnership arrangements with other complementary businesses where this makes good business sense for both parties. If you are interested in exploring mutual business opportunities, please call or email us for further details.

CISSP logoIsecT’s Chief Executive is Dr Gary Hinson BSc PhD CISSP MBA. Gary has extensive practical experience of information security, having worked in, managed and provided consultancy support to information security and IT audit functions for large multinationals in financial services, pharmaceuticals, civil & military aerospace and high technology industries for more than 25 years. He has specified, designed, tested, implemented, operated, managed and reviewed all sorts of information security controls. Through the innovative information security awareness service, NoticeBored, he proactively researches and debunks all sorts of information security topics for global customers. Through ISO27001security.com, Gary supports a global community of users of the ISO27k Information Security Management Systems standards. In conjunction with Krag Brotby, Gary brought common sense to security metrics through PRAGMATIC Security Metrics. For further information, please contact Gary.

We don’t have mission, vision or corporate value statements stuck up on the office wall. Just like Marcus Ranum, we see no real value in trying to sum up all that we stand for in a few trite, convoluted sentences. As you can probably guess, following the herd is not one of our corporate objectives! We don’t need motivational posters to live our mission, vision and values every day: we just do it. Our websites hint at our mission, vision and values. All that we have ever written, published and said sums up our mission, vision and values. If you are seriously interested enough to wonder about us but can’t get enough information from our websites, then by all means contact us and we’ll have a chat, preferably over a drink. It’s funny how mission statements seem so much more meaningful over a coffee or a beer.

We do however have strategies and policies covering important aspects such as privacy, environmental and, yes, security policies.

CISSP is a registered certification mark of the Information Systems Security Certification Consortium in the United States and Other Countries.

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